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Close up shot of our single point hoister doing what it does best, storing your valuables out of harms way.

The single point hoisters have a safe work load of 20 kgs.

These are the easiest of the hoisters to install because you only have 1 point to attach to the ceiling.

Just find a rafter and you are almost home. we have hung bikes, mowers, wheel barrows, scooters, large boxes and heaps of other stuff with these simple but efficient hoisting system.

High quality, super functional.

The two point is just that much bigger than the single point.

It gives you more weight capacity, 27 kgs and a longer reach. These start coming in handy for the sail boards, kayaks and speciality items like this, always a problem to store, lawn mower.

All the two and four point systems will need a baton or two attached to the ceiling prior to hanging the hoister system.

This helps make sure that you are connected to a couple rafters and allows you to put up all the correct running gear at the same level and intervals.

The baby of the four point systems, still easily lifts 36 kgs.

Making easy work of surf skies, lighter canoes, kayaks, sail boards and almost all car top luggage.

You can almost lift anything you want, what do you need off the floor today?

These are simple to use and worth every penny once you realise how efficiently it will store and protect your valuable items.

Give us a call to find out if it can hang that special item you want protected we are here to help.

The middle of the range 66kg four point hoister.

As you can see in the picture with this clients zodiac, nothing is out of the range. You can hang that tinny, hard top, train set, seriously, we get a call from train enthusiasts all the time.

These hoisters run smooth, up and down. They have an automatic brake catch so you don't have to be next to a cleat in the wall to secure it. That means if it slips through your hands, the brake will catch within one inch of drop and holds the whole load there stable and steady.

Good when there is kids around.

The big 91 kgs four point hoister.

You can really go to town with this one.

Sturdy, strong and worth it's weight in gold.

The owner of this very valuable Porsche hard top couldn't be happier. Its out of harms way and when the rain comes and you want the hard top, just pull the car in , lower the top and away you go.

Nothing but chips and scratches if this were left anywhere else on floor level.

Three boxes of camp gear and a camp table all packed and stored away till the next holiday break.

No time wasting here.

Down the side walls close to the doors are good spots for hoisting things.

You do not have to drop this to the ground to be unattached, just pull the board over to the car and un clip the adjustable strapping to release the item.

Putting it back in is just a clip and snap away.

These hoisters allow one person to handle most applications with ease.

Everything hanging in this picture is usually a hassle if left on the floor.

Hassle free living is a form of freedom.

Two point system holding up an awkward to move around scooter.

Can you see the value in this system.

Pay for it once and it works for you the rest of your life.

Another two point system making neat work of a large car topper.

The custom cabinets made a great shelving platform for the eskies and bigger items.

Check out our custom cabinet pages to find out more on cabinetry solutions.

A pair of single points hoisting a couple nice bikes.

Notice the pull cord wrapped around the bikes pedal, you have no need for cleats on the wall.

The hoister braking system is super strong and allows you total control.

You could lower these bikes down to a comfortable working height and polish chrome, tighten nuts or just pump up the tires without the bike rolling away from you.

All our hoisting systems come packed in hard plastic and come complete with all the hardware you need to hang these great ceiling systems.

You may need to purchase a length of 50 x 120 timber in order to span rafters in your garage and allow the gathering gear to be screwed securely in place.

Easy to read, comprehensive instructions are included in every pack and rest assured if you run into trouble installing these units, give us a call and one of our installers will help you through it.

A - 66 kgs, four point system in mid suspension.

Notice the painted timber batons placed on the ceiling.

This will help you hang the hoister without worrying about rafter placement.

We can provide these painted at a minimal cost if we are installing.

A close up shot of a baton set on a concrete ceiling.

this unit would of looked better if the baton was painted.

The batons have the pig-tail screws into them and also the rope gatherer.

Another close up shot showing the pig-tail screws holding the blocks and the gatherer in the middle.

Looks complicated? it can be for the first one but the directions are very clear.

If you need it installed give us a call and see if we can help.

A close up shot of the web strapping at the other end of the hoister.

These straps are totally adjustable to fit the project at hand and once they are set in place only becomes a matter of unsnapping the clip to release the item.

Re hanging is just a matter of putting the straps around the item and clipping it up for a perfect lift every time.

You only have to set it once.

A real good shot of the working end of the whole system.

Stainless steel, braking latch, high quality nylon braid ropes and toughened abs plastic rollers make for a lifetime of hassle free hoisting.

This is the same type of systems that they use on all the maxi-yacht racers doing the Sydney to Hobart ocean races.

Made to be quick, easy to use and long lasting against all the elements.

Another shot of the block and tackle in action.

3-1 or up to 8-1 gear ratio makes for easy work.

We test our installations many times to make sure it runs smoothly for you.

This customer holds the record for hoisters on a ceiling,

7 all up.

Hello Wheel barrow.

One of the most awkward items to store in a garage.

Check out our enclosure pages under cabinets to see other solutions for that old barrow.

No cleats used here.

If the phone rings just let go of the rope and tend to it.

Hassle free.


Garage Ceiling Hoisters can be your answer when it comes to storing those big bulky items that you gotta have but hate seeing destroyed while laying on the garage floor.

Our Garage Hoistng System comes in several weight sizes and can accommodate most items with just a little thought and preparation. Check out the pictures and descriptions to find out more.

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