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This is our standard unit , a great starting out place, instantly gets stuff off the floor or out of the house.

Large enough to carry some big load and just small enough to fit in awkward places.

Hang one along a wall and add others next to them as the need arises.

Get it off the floor and on to the ceilings.

These units have a safe load rating of 113KG and measure

High = an adjustable 450 to 780 Wide = 1220 deep = 1220

and have a whopping 1.12 cubic meter capacity. A good start.

Two single units side by side.

This is a standard 2500 high, floor to ceiling, garage and when the loft is fully extended down they will still give you plenty of clearance underneath.

If you are over 6 foot then you will have to raise the rack another 50mm. it's all adjustable to suit.

Two of these units will give you 2.65 cubic meters.

This is the same amount of space you would get out of a 2100 x 2100 x 600 deep wardrobe, for a fraction of the price.

With three units, you can seriously start clearing some cupboards and getting it off the floor and on to the ceiling.

These three units together will usually fit into

most 1 and 2 car garages.

Hanging along one of the side walls (or both of them)

or along the back wall.

This three rack unit measures ~

High = an adjustable 450-780mm Wide = 3750mm, Deep =1220mm Giving you a solid 3.57 cubic meters of ceiling storage. The equivalent to a 3 meter x 2 meter x 600mm deep wardrobe or the contents of your above average camper trailer

Have the extra space up your sleeve.

Here is four units side by side, with plenty of room for packing in more when needed.

Some times it's better value to get a bit more done while our crew is there and have the extra up your sleeve when needed.

These four measure up at High = an adjustable 450-870 down Wide = 5000mm, Deep = 1.220

Giving you 4.8 cubic meters of serious storage space.

These hangers work great for ladders, surfboards, fishing poles, timber and all the rest of the longer gear you may have laying around on the floor.

They measure out at

Wide = 800mm, High = 250mm

They can be placed anywhere along your hyloft run.

These are fairly big hooks that help you secure cumbersome items off the floor. We like to use them for upside down bike storage, you can store 2 bikes side by side easily. These hooks are made of powder coated steel and can hang heaps of weight.

Another handy hanging accessory is the hyloft basket.

These baskets are great for paints, thinners, oils, greases, poisons and anything else you may want to get off the floor and stored safely.

They measure out at ~ Wide = 600mm ,Deep = 300mm, High = 75mm

They hang 300mm below the bottom of the ceiling unit.

All parts of the hyloft overhead storage system are made

out of steel and powder coated to last for years without you worrying about rust or chipping.

They are also adjustable up and down in 50mm increments

to suit your needs.

They are strong and all bolts holding them together are oversized and chrome plated to give you years of trouble free storage.

Hyloft give a limited lifetime guarantee on all the parts of their overhead storage racks.

Here is an up-close shot of what you can expect when you finish hanging a hyloft.

Everything strong and secured.

White powder coated units blend in nicely along the ceiling.

Up close shot of the L brackets that are double bolted into your ceiling rafters.

This is the most difficult part of the job, locating rafters and setting them accordingly. Any work on a ladder always slows things down.

Some times on certain ceilings you will have to put up timber batons along the rafters in order to lay out the racks properly.

We paint the batons white to blend in to the ceiling and then lay out the hylofts from there.

Our installers have successfully installed hundreds of these units. Give us a call.

Up close shot of the hanging legs, we use double bolting for added strength.

It is here that you get your adjustability and is as simple as using a wrench to adjust up or down.

This shot works well to show you what the rack looks like fully installed.

You have

4 x L- brackets, attached to the ceiling

4 x adjustable legs hanging from L- brackets

2 x steel tube supports allowing the wire grid platforms to rest on

2 x 1220 x 610 heavy duty wire grids bolted down to the steel tube supports.


Another great thing about the 1200 x 1200 standard units is that they can just about go anywhere.

This picture shows a couple lofts up above the cars, this is a good spot when you don't have space along the walls. When the cars are there you will not be walking near them anyway.

Another nifty spot, if you have the height , is to put them under the panel lift garage doors. Out of site out of mind.

The best ceiling for these racks are the concrete ones as they will allow you to put these units up anywhere you want without rafter restrictions.

A shot of a couple of single units sitting side by side.

These white units blend in well with all decor,

and sits nicely above most doors.

Three units side by side in a under cover car park.

Coupled up with our longspan shelving allows this person to get his car back in the garage.

Four units configured in a L shape work well for this client.

Plenty of headroom above.

Plenty of floor space below.

Our installers are neat and tidy.

Having these ceiling units professionally installed has many benefits.

Two single lofts with our garage grids on the wall in between.

Everything looking white, bright and ready for storage.

Close up shot from Gallery 1.

Our installers give you a clean professional finish ever time.

Double your garage floor space by using your ceilings.

Before it was just another ceiling with all their gear laying along the garage walls.

Now they are clearing out the cupboards and the garage floor is spotless.

Put up one or put up eight if you have the room. you can not go wrong with these above the head storage racks.

This picture shows you the batons that some times have to be used to span the rafters in order to install the Hylofts.

Once the batons are up it is a piece of cake.

The batons are an additional cost to the ceiling racks.

Its a simple concept with great results.


Hyloft Overhead Storage units are a great product for getting large amounts of gear off the floor and onto your ceilings.

Most people who install a few of these units will find themselves with plenty of extra storage space for the future or possibly emptying out their wardrobes and other areas of the house.

Either way they are strong, efficient, economical and look good hanging there.

Space hanging around!

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