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This is our deeper grid wire shelf. It measures out at

1200mm wide x 600mm deep.

A big shelf with a big purpose.

This shelf is our most popular and sells our first every time.

Powder coated arctic white, this shelf works great up high for big boxes and luggage.

With our back plate shims, sold separately, you can bolt these brackets onto your wall, clip the grid on the brackets for instant quick, economical storage.

Grid wire shelves are made out of 5.5mm welded wire steel. Nicely powder coated for total protection against nicks and scratches.

Comes in 1200mm wide x 385mm deep and is available in arctic white or semi gloss black and gunpowder grey.

We have easily stored items over 70 kgs on these shelves.

Good for the bigger boxes and doesn't have a lip to hinder some needed overhang.

Hot tip !

Store your bigger items up high and overhead and work your way closer to the wall as you come down.

This not only gives you more space but gives you a feeling of space.

This type of home gym set up still allows you room to park the cars and you can hang a mirror too.

The oversize depth allows you to store a lot of bigger items securely.

We have stacked over 50 kgs on this shelf with no effect to the shelf or panels and grids.

More shoes all tucked away nicely but with easy access when your in a hurry.

Somebody left there slippers on the ground.

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These are real handy shelves.

Welded wire steel powder coated steel. When you don't want any possibility of something coming off the edge.

600mm wide x 375mm deep

Strong but light and easy to move around.

Economical too.

What can I say, my wife likes shoes, I like them organised.

We are a perfect match.


Another shoe shelf shot.

Can you have enough shoe shelves?

We have shelved hundreds of shoes in one garage. Off the floor out of bugs way.

This looks pretty tidy.

Nice shoes to.

The 300mm deep shelves are perfect for about 70% of all your storage needs. Buckets, tool boxes, files, paint tins, tools and all the rest.

While wire shelves can be easily cut to width, with a metal cutting blade, to fit perfectly.

A few rows of our 400mm deep shelves tackling some of the bigger household items.

Our heavy duty shelf brackets allow you maximum strength and minimal blockage unlike the old triangle brackets you find in most hardware stores.

The best thing about this whole set up is it can be totally re-arranged in minutes as the shelves just clip on and off our Tidywall storage system, and if you move house unclip your shelves, unclip your panels and take it all with you.

Our Slat wire shelves come in 300mm and 400mm depths out from the wall.

Two convenient widths of 600mm wide and 1200mm wide, this will allow you to close the gap when you want to fill the whole wall without too much cutting.

These are manufactured with adjustability in mind and require our adjustable wall storage systems.

Also called ventilated wire shelving because it lets air flow through - good idea when your airing some shoes.

For any place in your garage or home for that matter. These shelves are beautifully powder coated in either our gun powder grey or our arctic white finishes.

Here is a couple of our grid shelves in different sizes.

The top shelf is our big 1020mm deep shelf.

It is 1020mm deep and 1220mm wide.

This is used as an alternative to ceiling suspended racking.

It is bolted into the wall and chained to the ceiling structure for added support.

Good to 200 kilos for those whopping big loads.

Our grid wire shelves work a treat on either our Tidywall panels or Garage Grid wall storage systems.

This picture shows 2 of the 1020mm shelves clipped onto our 1220m x 620mm garage grids.

Below it is suspended two 400mm deep grid shelves and further down four of our 250mm deep grid shelves all in powder coated arctic white which complements any garage interior and is completely adjustable to boot.

These grid shelves measure out at

1020mm deep x 1220mm wide

400mm deep x 1220mm wide

250mm deep x 1220mm wide.

Picture of our black 400mm deep shelves carrying the heavy stuff, and a variety of our other steel shelving,

custom picked to their needs.

Up high, the best place for garage shelving.

Most garages have at least 400 deep down the side walls towards the garage door.

This area is a great place that won't hinder the day to day traffic in your garage.

Tidywall with everything tidy sitting on our adjustable grid shelving, you don't have to throw everything away, something's are worth saving and displaying.


Wire garage shelving is just what it says, welded steel wire that has a baked on powder coated finish.

These wire shelves come in many different widths and lengths, all designed with heavy duty storage in mind and total flexibility as an added bonus.

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