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This 777 shelf measures 900mm wide x 450mm deep x 100mm high.

Comes with 1 adjustable rail for each shelf.

Comes in a pack of 2 shelves per box.

This can be used on our Tidywall or grids with the use of our back brackets sold separately.

This grid shelf measures out at

1150 mm wide x 375mm deep.

Different hook accessories allow you to hang items below them also.

Storing gear on top and below.

Now that's economy.

these come packed 2 shelves per box.

giving you over 2 meters of shelving.

can be used on Tidywall and Garage Grids with our back brackets. Sold separately.

This is a big shelf as you will see in the gallery shots.

Jumbo measures out at

1215 mm wide x 610mm deep.

It is made from our re enforced garage grid steel wire. This shelf can fit on Tidywall and garage grids but needs 2 shims sold separatly to attach to the wall in a fixed position.

A step back shot of a garage grid system.

Jumbo grid shelves for the big boxes.

The 967's for the eskies and grids galore for all your activities at hand.

Did we mention that this is a good looking shelf.

Well we believe so.

This is a pretty nice shot of our jumbo 631 shelves fixed to a timber and gyprock wall.

Almost a design statement.

Two jumbo 631's and two medium 967 shelves.

I think they have some room left over, that's not right is it?

These shelves work and look good on the brick wall garage.

We use all our grid shelves in our custom enclosures.

Nice clean look that doesn't need support from the floor, leaving that empty for other things like mowers and wheel barrows.

We found this little nook and filled it with fixed shelves an luggage all off the floor and safely stored.

Underneath shot of the jumbo 631.

Engineered low profile brackets deliver super holding strength while remaining low profile below so it does not hinder the space below if there was another shelf there.

Fixed to the wall the shelves are rated at 120 kgs. Hanging off our wall storage system rates them at 85 kgs.

This client put up one full wall of continuous shelving.

Up high and above the head leaves you plenty of options down below.

Two, 4 meter rows of our 967 shelves.

That's only 8 shelves side by side.

8 meters of 380mm deep shelving can really put up some good storage opportunities.

Filled plastic boxes work great on these shelves.

These are steel shelves not your old school particle boards shelves that start deteriorating once they are put up.

The jumbo 631 doing what it does best box on top, storage underneath.

I should of put his picture in the hot tips section.

This really works for this client. Deep storage up high and hanging storage on the wall below with a bike to boot.

Big luggage needs a big shelf call out the jumbo 631.

It can handle a lot more weight than this.

This will fit onto brick, timber or hang of our panels and grids, no matter how you hang it, this is a great grid shelf.

These are a great grid shelf. No dusting ever needed.

Made from strong welded wire grid and solid steel shelf brackets that bolt into your wall.

Has a great leeway with stud placement to secure the brackets into as the grid shelf will fit on the brackets no matter where they are on the wall.

These shelves can go anywhere you have a wall.

We believe up high for the big stuff and the shallower items below them.

This gives you a sense of openness in your garage.

A feeling of more space. That's what we are after.

Another shot of our 967 shelf at home in an enclosure.

Very simple and very secure.

We think you will like the pricing also.

Here is the money shot, this could be your garage no worries.

A place for everything.

Putting all your gear in plastic boxes roughly all the same size can really maximise your space on these jumbo 631's.

When fixing garage shelving, we try to always promote the idea of total adjustability with our shelving and other storage products so your system can change and adapt to our changing lifestyles.

But sometimes nothing can replace the value of good fixed to the wall shelving.

We carry a few different options of shelving, scroll over the silver tabs for more.

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