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These flexi racks can really work for you with a bit of design.

No tools at all needed here just clip into place where you want them now. Unclip them and reset them in another configuration when the situation arises or your moving to a different location.

Australian steel. Australian made for Australian garages.

Long guarantees.

This is a picture of our Flexirack in powder coated silver ripple. This is a nice neutral colour that fits into most garage themes.

This client mixed a couple 450 deep racks up with a centre 600mm deep rack.

All things are possible.

Another shot of the mixed depth silver ripple rack.

This client has since moved and re-installed this rack again in his new home.

He is 72 years old and did it all by himself.

He should of called us but I think he is a bit stubborn.

Being a semi custom option, meaning that you have a choice of beam widths, and shelving depths.

The long span is made up of end frames that vary in width and height and the frames are connected together by the beams. One beam in the back and one in the front set at the same height makes for 1 shelf level.

In between the beam is where you place your platform made from either plywood, melamine, mdf or particle board depending on your budget.

You have complete flexibility with this long span shelving system as you can add as many shelf levels as you want to suit your circumstances.

Arrange these units to fit your lifestyle. Areas for tall stuff, areas for boxes, camp gear, odds and ends and anything else you want to keep out of a heap in the middle of the garage.

2 end frames with the 8 beams in between is called a bay.

You can make additional bays to the right or left by just clipping a beam on front and back and only have purchased 1 additional end frame instead of 2.

We advise trying to design your shelving system this way.

A close up shot of a full bay longspan unit with an add on bay sharing the same end frame.

They do not have to be set at the same level one can be placed high and the other low, you make the call.

This unit is 400mm deep, not taking up to much room at all.

One thing is for sure all this gear is not on the floor and the car parked outside.

Give us a call for our comprehensive pricing data sheets to help you figure out what sizes and configurations will work best for you.

Fill out our contact form and we will mail these specks to you.

This is a great money shot.

Beer and a surfboard.

Makes me want to put this pen down. Just a clever use of space.

With the addition of one of our V.P. Bench tops you can design these Flexi-racks to become a workbench.

Put some Tidywall behind it for total organisation while your working.

This is what it is all about.

Strength and adjustability.

Solid steel everywhere. Some people really like this industrial look with orange beams and zinc coated end frames.

But for those of you that don't we can also have them powder coated in our garage series silver ripple.

Long span shelving comes in many shapes and sizes. It also comes in many degrees of quality. We go for quality first.

We don't want you mumbling our name if it breaks down.

So we only provide you with quality products first.

Get what you want with our Flexi rack shelving solution.

Various widths, various heights, various depths.

To help you get the most out of this system.

Australian made with Australian steel.

Baked on powder coat finish in either orange & zinc or silver ripple grey.

Normally a 7 day turn around time from placing order.

Scroll over the silver tabs for more information.

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