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Our Muscle rack shelving comes out of the box in two sizes.

2330 wide x 2300 high x 600mm deep unit.

1930mm wide x 1800mm high x 600 deep unit.

They both have 2 end frames and 8 beams included in the packaging.

This boxed unit is called a starter bay, if you want to go wider then you would need an Add on bay.

The Add on bay boxed unit contains 1 frame only and 8 beams that can attach to the starter bays right or left endframes.

This is a shot of the 1800 starter bay free standing by itself. The beam width is 1800mm wide. So you need 2 beams for each shelf level.

The muscle racks do not come with the shelf inserts needed to fit in between the beams.

We can provide you with a choice of shelf inserts to choose from.

We carry white melamine which is easy to wipe clean, which you see in this picture or we can provide raw particle or mdf boards, at an extra cost.

A lot of people that have these shipped to them go to a local cabinetmaker to have the shelves cut to save on shipping and possible travel damage.

This is a showroom shot of a 2200 starter bay with an 1800 addon bay attached to one side of it.

This setup can be handy for real big boxes up to the ceiling.

Our 1800 muscle rack units have a white powder coated grid that is used for each 1800 shelf level.

This grid is sold separately from the muscle rack units.

Here is a nice shot of 3 of the four shelf inserts available to you.

Wire grid for the 1800mm unit only.

White thermo fused melamine which makes cleaning the shelves a snap with just a damp cloth,

and the more economical raw particle board.

This particle board can get dirty quite quickly.

The white melamine insert is our most popular shelf.

Close up shot of the beam and how it connects into the frame this assembly is all done by hand and one person can assemble this unit easily with care taken.

All the end frame cross members are welded then powder coated.

These units sit on feet that can be bolted into the floor if you want a permanent, rock solid placement.

The majority do not bolt the units down as the weight of the longspan and the workload it is carrying keep it solid and steady to the floor.

This picture shows you how you can have shelf beams using the same frame.

This saves you the cost of buying 1 frame when you want to widen the unit to the right or left.

Close up shot of melamine shelving sitting flush with the steel beams.

These units are very strong and can be set up and dismantled a thousand times without doing damage to any of the steel members.

Muscle rack definitely has muscle.

Close up shot of welded cross member and feet below.

These feet work well to stop your rack from damaging a good floor below it.

Picture showing packaged up white grid shelves.

These are only available for the 1800 unit.

People like these shelves because they are made of welded wire steel and will last a lifetime and they will never have to dust or wipe clean the shelves.

Close up of 1800 unit with the grid shelf inserts in it.

They look great but you will pay more than the board inserts.

This is what you will be delivered or pick up from our showrooms.

All steel members packed safely in extra thick cardboard box.

These Muscle Rack boxes are printed with assembly directions right on the cover for total convenience.

Our Muscle Rack longspan shelving gives you complete freedom of shelf heights.

We have put these units in garages, sheds, factories, storerooms, commercial sites, retail outlets, carports, schools, gyms and all sorts of weird and wonderful places.

Where ever you need a quick, good looking, strong and sturdy shelving. You cant look past Muscle Rack.

fill out the contact page form for pricing or more information.

Longspan muscle rack shelving could be the perfect solution for your storage needs.

These come out of the box ready to assemble.

They are strong and able to carry up to 220kgs per shelf level.

They are made out of steel so they will last you a lifetime.

They are powder coated simple gloss white so they will look good anywhere you may put them.

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