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This is a picture of our 1800mm wide x 1800mm high x 600mm deep Buddy rack, installed in our showroom.

This unit gives you heaps of deep shelf storage for a fraction of the cost of other shelving systems out there.

We have loads of different shelving solutions but we stock this one because it is easy to assemble, has everything complete in one box, it looks great and some people just want a quick hassle free solution that they can do themselves.

Close up shot of the beam connecting into the frame. This is all done by hand and as you keep scrolling the tabs you will see they can easily be installed by just one peron.

Up close shot of the 1800mm x 600mm zinc plated wire mesh insert.

This wire mesh is strong and will allow you to safely store up to 180 kilos per shelf level.

Another shot of the wire mesh platforms in place. The frames and beams have a baked on powder coat finish in silver satin that looks stunnng and will fit in anywhere you place them.

This picture shows you an end frame with one of our garage grids attached to it.

Making this unit even more of a storage workhorse.

Our Garage Grids can attach to any of our longspan units giving you the best of both worlds.

600mm deep shelving and an adjustable hanging system.

Go to our walls category to see more of our Garage Grids in action.

A detail shot of the box we send these out in.

All tightly packed, everything you need for a completed project.

This complete unit weights 60 kilos, so it is heavy to lift.

Picture of all the parts out of the box.

2 x end frames 1800mm high x 600mm deep.

8 x beams - 1800mm wide

4 x grid mesh shelf inserts.

From this point it takes about 15 minutes to assemble.

This is how you start it.

Stand one frame up and attach one beam end to it.

This is the hardest party of the whole process.

Attach other end frame to beam end and it stands by itself.

We usually start at the bottom two beams and then do the top two beams.

After the top two beams are attached we split the difference between the bottom and top beams and then set the remaining 2 shelf levels.

Again this is completely adjustable so you can custom size these shelves to best fit what you want to store.

Picture of the finished product all ready to store your gear.

These buddy racks will soon become your best buddies.

Big enough to store a lot but small enough to fit anywhere if you happen to be moving to another area.

Good close up shot of the shelf beam connected to the end frame.

Notice the good clean weld and beautiful silver satin powder coating.

This is a very good looking shelving unit.

Picture showing you a welded cross member that keeps the end frame rigid and strong.

There are absolutely no bolts or screws to assemble this unit.

All done by hand and by one person.

Longspan shelving in a box, ready to go to where you are, only a phone call away.

Honestly this 1800mm wide x 1800mm high x 600mm deep buddy rack is ready to go.

Everything is in one box. No need to purchase shelf inserts separately. Scroll over the silver feature tabs to find out more.

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